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EuropeanLife Media; Business & Luxury is an award-winning publisher with a dedicated focus on Business & Luxury brands and events in Europe, Asia, and USA. The company publishes a public luxury magazine for global visibility for Brands and events. EuropeanLife is represented with events in Europe, Dubai, Barcelona, Shanghai, South Africa, and Florida.

EuropeanLife is specialized in exclusive multi-channel distribution, online target marketing and works with VIP databases, social media, influencers, podcast, event-apps and more than 60 media partnerships.  EuropeanLife has become the leading publisher for global cross-promotion opportunities. The best way to find your client and partner in Business & Luxury industry.

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We believe that entrepreneurship is a possibility to escape poverty and become financial independent.
EuropeanLife Microcredit works with local organizations in Africa to help young people and single mothers to become entrepreneurs and coach them in their journey of personal success.
This our way of giving back!

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