EuropeanLife: Passion for Luxury
Our signature magazine to showcase top luxury brands and events worldwide. Published twice a year: Spring- Summer and Fall-Winter edition.



Special magazines for each side of the luxury industry. Find the leading brands and events in each edition.

Luxury Travel Special by EuropeanLife

Wine & Spirits Special by EuropeanLife

Real Estate Special by EuropeanLife

– Custom-made Interactive Magazine –

We create custom-made Magazines for our clients; Events, Network groups, Investment clubs, experts and influencers; An immersive experience for readers with moving images and direct links to make our client stand out from the crowd

Event Magazine by EuropeanLife

Membership Club Magazine by EuropeanLife

Influencer and Entrepreneur magazine by EuropeanLife

– City Shopping Guides –

The Ultimate City Guide for Luxury Shopping Tourism and Retailing. Meet the best shops, restaurants and hotels in our editions for the top cities worldwide. Plan your next luxury experience in the city!