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1. Cirrus SF50 G2+

Modularity: you can convert the passenger seats into a big meeting or a small meeting room with tables and a screen to share while in flight, onboard wifi is available for taking calls

Range: the Max Range is 2361.3 Km and Average Range is 1759.4 Km which is enough to take off from Barcelona and fly all the way to Oslo

The SF50 can fly at its max altitude of 31000Ft which is about the same altitude as an airliner which normally flies between 30k and 40k feet, its Max Cruise speed is around 311 Knots (576 Km)  which is about the same as an airliner so you will be able to reach your destination around the same time as a normal flight but much more comfortable

2. TBM 960

Altitude and Range: it can fly at a max altitude of 31k Feet the same as the SF50. when flying at 326 Knots (604 Km) it has a range of 2666 Km and at 290 Knots (537 Km) which is the recommended speed it can fly for around 2935 Km which is significantly more than SF50, this is made possible with Pratt & Whitney Turboprop which use less fuel compared to a turbofan engine like the SF50.

The TBM 960 has been fitted with the brand-new Garmin G3000 which is the most high-tech Navigation system available for General Aviation. it takes the second spot for me because I love the design of the SF50 and the SF50 is a lot easier to fly compared to the TBM960

3. Pilatus PC12 NGX

Modularity: the PC12 is one of the biggest single-pilot propeller planes available, it has a large cargo door which makes the plane highly modular, this is also why it’s being mostly used as an Air Ambulance or as a Charter Passenger plane since it can fit a lot of people.

It can fly at a maximum altitude of 30k Feet due to the power of the engine and the size of the plane, the range varies with the number of passengers, the max range with 4 passengers is 3339Km and the range with 6 passengers is 2903 Km, it is also certified to land in grass, sand, gravel, and dirt to make operations a lot easier. that is why this plane takes third place for us.

For Gadgets, my Favorites were, Bose with 2 types of headsets, the ProFlight Series 2 specially made for airliners since they are more portable and comfortable for longer flights, and the A20 and A30 made for General Aviation since they are made for the noise canceling of the propeller.

Garmin, for the navigation services but also their app to make flight planning easier for pilots by auto-creating a flight and being able to upload the flight plan to your plane and to air traffic control. and also Foreflight which also helps the pilot with planning routes but unfortunately it is only available for Apple Devices so Foreflight is device-specific while Garmin is for everyone.

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