Our glossy magazines are distributed to your target audience in several ways. EuropeanLife distribute their magazine in Luxury Groups, social media, VIP mailings and different collaborations, such as media partners, internet platforms, influencers, luxury groups and websites. We believe magazines are the strongest and most professional marketing tool in the industry, as they are professional and visible for longer periods of time.
We target active readers with luxury lifestyles who are interested in knowing about brands, events and relevant news to make informed product and service purchases. Additionally, we target an audience looking to network with potential business partners and grow their reach.

EuropeanLife Magazine: Business & Luxury:

We publish our own public magazine, EuropeanLife Magazine: Business & Luxury. EuropeanLife Magazine: Business & Luxury is a professional luxury magazine for brands, businesses, and events to be shown on an international stage. Clients can purchase articles or advertisement space in the magazine.