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Class 55 Superyacht: An Unlimited World of Possibilities

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The latest concept unveiled by Spanish design studio Iddes Yachts is their Class 55 superyacht which will reconnect sailors to the oceans with no operational restrictions. Measuring at a modest 55 meters, the luxury yacht stays true to the company’s ethos of adventure and exploration and will allow its owners to do anything and to do it anywhere.

To engage and embrace the human-ocean relationship is at the vessels core as this exemplary superyacht will let up to 12 passengers embark on any experience. With a beam of 10.5 meters and draft of 2.5-3.0 meters, the yacht has a cruising speed of 12-15 knots with an approximate 5,000 nautical mile range. Whether on extreme expeditions or cruising around the calm waters of your choice, guests will be able to live for long period of times onboard comfortably (from 30-40 days at sea) and unplug from their hectic lives.

“The Class 55 combines two decades of superyacht building and design experience from Iddes Yachts into a unique superyacht series. After a lifetime in yachting, this is the yacht I would want to build for myself, no doubt.” Iván Salas Jefferson, Founder of Iddes Yachts.

The length of this yacht made from a steel hull and aluminum superstructure was carefully chosen to generously incorporate all necessary requirements whilst allowing the yacht to navigate in the most spectacular hidden locations and marinas with ease. Furthermore, owners can choose whether to have the yacht include a helideck, which can be used to carry tenders, equipment and amphibious vehicles enabling access to the most remote areas and, when in need, make use of the helicopter.

Echoing Iván Salas Jefferson’s – Founder, Naval Architect and Designer of Iddes Yachts – vision and passion for the ocean and being close to the sea, the Class 55 is a luxury exploration vessel that forges the human-ocean relationship. All while embracing the very latest in design trends and amenities, this yacht has been engineered to bring together the most important elements of comfort and luxury.

While each yacht is completely customizable, at its core, the hybrid yacht was conceived to make the most (in a quick and efficient manner) of yacht building. Merging design, construction and operations with one singular purpose. With careful consideration towards both manufacturing and operational requirements, the extensive design exercise produces a sleek and carefully considered (in terms of materials used, construction timeline and overall aesthetic) yacht. The yacht boasts five decks with over 890m2 of interior space with 700m2 exterior space and includes a multipurpose crane with the ability to lift five tons and a 185m2 loading deck.

With the possibility of a hydro hybrid power plant propulsion option, the Class 55 will also ensure that any corner of the Earth she sails to will be left untouched by her presence.

EuropeanLife Magazine, 2021

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