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Only Watch 2023 Chronodate Gold X Chateau Angelus of the best Cuba

On the occasion of its first participation in the Only Watch, Angelus honors its name by associating with its namesake, one of the great wines of Bordeaux, Château Angelus. This homonymy has turned out not be a mere coincidence: passion, collection, perpetuation and patience are some of the essential ingredients with which both houses give life to both their watches and their great wines. The dial of the unique Chronodate Gold X Château Angelus specimen is made using freeze-dried lees from the 2022 vintage. The auction lot-intended to raise funds for Duchenne muscular dystrophy research – includes a prestigious imperial bottle from the 2012 vintage and several bottles of the exclusive Grand Vin Blanc du Château.

Château Angelus is one of the most renowned vineyards in the Bordeaux terroir. It has belonged to the Boüard de Laforest family for eight generations and is directed by Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, with whom Angelus has sealed a unprecedented union in the field of watchmaking, materialized in a unique example: the Chronodate Gold x Château Angelus.

SOULMATES: The meeting of Angelus and Angelus, a collaboration in which they intertwine two souls. In the first place, that of a Swiss firm that keeps alive an old tradition of fine mechanical watchmaking. And, secondly, that of the Boüard family de Laforest, winegrowers, winemakers, farmers and breeders from Saint-Émilion since 1782. More than a perpetuation, watchmaking shares geographical roots with wine, that defines them. Bordeaux terroirs are expressed through a wide range of aromas depending on the orientation, the soil, the method of cultivation, fermentation or breeding. The Swiss watch is associated with a specific geographical area, with impositions specific and consolidated secular processes, guarantee of its excellence.

CONTINENT AND CONTENT: Chronodate Gold x Château Angelus is the result of a very subtle union. The sphere has been made with freeze-dried lees from the 2022 vintage, which it was called Le Majestueux. This wine dust has been deposited as it is on the base of the sphere. In this way, the lees themselves give the sphere all its texture and colour. At 6 o’clock, a red gold appliqué stands out; a reproduction of the bell of the Château faithfully engraved. Angelus and Angelus have found in the Only Watch a good common cause for to join forces, and for which they have devised a complete hedonistic experience that combines watchmaking, viticulture, gastronomy and oenology. So the Chronodate Gold x Château Angelus will be accompanied by an imperial bottle of the vintage 2012. In this 2012 bottle, whose black capsule bears the coat of arms of the Boüard de Laforest family, the classic paper label has been replaced by an embossed 21.7 karat gold impression enhancing the bell, emblem of Angelus. In addition, the lot will include three bottles of Grand Vin Blanc that have never been have been marketed and are offered on very few occasions, in addition to a invitation to the Château de Saint-Émilion.

THE AESTHETICS OF THE CHRONOGRAPH: The choice of a chronograph movement is a historical nod to the origins of the brand, given that Angelus has been one of the manufacturers of reference for these instruments since the late 1930s. In his Inside, the Chronodate Gold x Château Angelus houses its own caliber A-500. His format shows small seconds at 9 o’clock and a chronograph counter from 30 minutes to 3 hours. In the peripheral zone, a hand date indicator runs across the dial and is reminiscent of the first Chronodate model from 1942. The gauge, which beats at a frequency of 4 Hz, is powered by a pillars. An oscillating mass in the form of “A”, under which a star is housed which is also reminiscent of a bell, symbol of Château Angelus, guarantees the automatic winding In the past, the bells of the watchtowers and the bell towers sounded the Angelus. These hours of recollection were seven in the morning, noon and seven in the evening and gave rhythm to daily life in times and places when timekeeping was a public phenomenon and collective. With this collaboration, Angelus and Château Angelus allude, certainly, to the time measurement. Although, more a matter of time, the clocks and the wine they are human affairs.


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