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Bühlmann Decompression 01

The mother of all diving watches by the Swiss Pioneer of depth and diving security.

Commercial and recreational diving only really started at the end of the 20th century when the parameters of decompression sickness could be safely managed. It has been scientist Dr. Albert Bühlmann who solved the decompression problem, after years of empirical research and depth records carried out in the open water and in his decompression chamber at the University Hospital of Zürich.

The “raison d’être” of the Bühlman Diving Watches brand is the work and ethics of Dr. A Bühlmann, and the design DNA of its watches is founded on the concepts of diving security and usability. The first watch of the brand, the Decompression 0 – realized in collaboration with Watch Angels – is a perfect example its founding principles.

​The ​Mother of all diving watches

By functionally featuring Dr. A. Bühlmann’s original decompression algorithm on the clockwise turning unidirectional turning bezel, the Decompression 01 symbolises the beginning of safe diving and therefore rightfully deserves the distinction of being the “Mother” of all diving watches.

Putting the focus where it’s needed

The Decompression 01 has been designed to offer optimal dive usability. This has resulted in an oversized minutes hand and an hour reading by disk at 9 o’clock. This configuration makes it easy to concentrate on the minutes while diving. The minute hand controls both Actual Dive Time (ADT) and the decompression stops timing.

The Bühlmann circular decompression stops calculator, which has been adapted for the use on a watch, engraved on the turning bezel is the other key diving feature and distinctive Bühlmann Dive Watches design feature.

By using the circular table in connection with the minute hands the diver can measure depth and required stop time for at each decompression stop.

About Bühlmann Dive Watches

Bühlmann Dive Watches is the brainchild of Thomas Bühlmann, the son of Dr. Albert Bühlmann, and watch industry veterans Adrian Stahel and Daniel Wechsler.  Based in Zürch, the brand is operated by the mother company Cronatech and has the purpose of creating meaningful mechanical diving watches that integrate the Swiss diving safety concepts by Dr. A. Bühlmann.

About Watch Angels

Watch Angels is a leading Swiss watch manufacturer based in Mendrisio, Switzerland. It has developed the crowd manufacturing system and operates the watchangels.ch platform. On Watch Angels the watch community can fund watch manufacturing projects by independent creators and brands. The factory direct crowd manufacturing system offers more industrial value for money to watch enthusiasts than any other watchmaking and retail system.


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