Tradeshow Payment Conditions


Costs (under certain conditions and on most services) – Oriented information to be defined per client:

As a Spain based company for both international clients as well as Spanish clients as depending upon whom we invoice to, the VAT varies:

  • European countries (except Spain): Reverse Charge / 0% VAT
  • Countries outside of the European Union (incl. Switzerland): Exempt of VAT / 0% VAT

In case the contracting client is Spanish, the following VAT applies:

  • Spain: Standard VAT / 21% VAT

Payment Conditions


EuropeanLife requests 100% payment for services booked according to the following schedule:

Date of contract signing € 1000 as pre-payment
Date Tradeshow is guaranteed Figure equivalent to 30%  of estimated total minus pre-payment
60 days prior to event Figure equivalent to 50% of estimated total
30 day prior to event Figure equivalent to 20% of estimated total
  • Payments to be made to EuropeanLife will be paid according to the agreed payment schedule as above.
  • Deposit payments are to be paid as per the payment schedule, failure to do so may result in issues with the delivery of the contracted Services.
  • EuropeanLife invoices are to be paid with the correct amount within 30 days upon receipt, or within the deadline agreed and mentioned on the corresponding invoice.
  • Final payment must be received by EuropeanLife within 30 days of receipt of final invoice. Any bank charges are the responsibility of the Client. In case of default or payment beyond 30 days, EuropeanLife reserves the right to charge 5% interest per year pro rata to outstanding accounts.
  • If, due to added Services or Event changes, there is an increase in the estimated budget total prior to the operation of the Event, Client agrees to make an additional payment to ensure that the total payment (s) is/are equal to the relevant percentage of payment agreed by both Parties in the payment schedule, prior to the commencement of the Event.
  • Payments are considered received on time, if EuropeanLife’s account is credited with the amount on the fixed dates. If the invoices are still not settled after EuropeanLife has fixed an extension period of 7 days with a notice to cancel the Agreement, EuropeanLife has the right to claim interest on the outstanding payment, or alternatively claim indemnity for failure to perform Services or to withdraw from the Agreement.
  • In the event the additional payment is not received by the date listed, even with a signed agreement, EuropeanLife reserves the right to cancel any and all Services and terminate this Agreement.

Cancellation Conditions


  • For some tradeshows all participants will be assessed by the Tradeshow management. In case the Clients’ assessment is negative, all payments will be refunded.
  • Any changes or cancellation of event must be received in writing.
  • For all cancellations, it is understood and agreed by Client that EuropeanLife may retain any pre-payment towards any cancellation fee.
  • All cancellations must be sent in writing to EuropeanLife and any cancellation payments still due must be paid to EuropeanLife with 20 days of cancellation
  • EuropeanLife will always endeavor to keep cancellation fees charged by the suppliers to a minimum.
  • When EuropeanLife cancels the Tradeshow the pre-payment will be recharged in full.
For full cancellation of the contracted services
A complete event cancellation will apply to estimated service/event total. Percentage charged is calculated from the date the contract is signed to the date of event or activities commencement as follows
After confirmation up until 60 days prior to the beginning of the event Subject to cancellation fee of 30% of the estimated total at time of cancellation
Between 60-30 days prior to the beginning of the event Subject to cancellation fee of 80% of the estimated total at time of cancellation
Less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the event Subject to cancellation fee of 100% of the estimated total at time of cancellation

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