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Technology at the Core of Luxury Living

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In recent times, the tourism industry has seen tremendous growth. Overall, the travel industry has seen great interest in the luxury travel vacation experience. At present, people are more open to having a first-hand experience traveling abroad with the finest modified luggage and travel gear by their favorite brands.

These days, the meticulous attention to detail for luxury fashion travel is also in safety. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, road safety is a valid consideration for the fashion cognoscenti seeking to embark on traveling outside of their respective country of origin. The crisis has shown us that people take responsibility when needed. To tackle the problem of security on the road, !important works with car manufacturers, telecom companies, government officials and the jet-set fashion traveler to improve road safety for all. The brand’s vision is to save 1 million lives over the next decade by protecting vulnerable road users (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, etc.).

On the other hand, Louis Vuitton is recreated their collection by understanding realistically and clearly the needs and requirements of the modified traveler. Consumers are seeking lightweight, durable and tech-savvy luggage – in addition to sustainable.

Bastien Beauchamp, the CEO of the brand had this to say, “This solves the remaining 65% of fatal cases. We hope it will become a regulation for the automotive industry.” His work has been recognized by 29 awards from 4 different continents. According to press release, With the help of technology, road users are better assured of their security.
Technology is indeed making luxury living more expedient with smart and innovative solutions that enrich the luxury lifestyle. The transition to online buying with delivery options allows customers to purchase their choice products at the convenience of their own home. To my point, these days, luxury living has become easily associated with staying trendy. No one wants to be left in the dust; hence people continue to spend on the latest luxury fashion apparel and accessories.

According to Investopedia, people generally perceive non-luxury goods to be inferior simply because these offerings are classified as non-luxury. Consumers move on to conclude that higher priced goods are better in quality and style. Once again, this need is further fueled by technology, which indirectly upholds the conclusion through tools that make it easy for brands to showcase luxury products to as many people as possible; thus, broadening the spectrum of brand awareness. The prestige and (sense of) class that comes with owning a piece of luxury is all part of luxury living experience.

Technology to the Rescue

It would be difficult to imagine luxury living without entertainment. Whether it is luxury traveling or shopping, elements of entertainment are essential to the experience. Entertainment is at the heart of the value proposition of all luxury brands, this is the magic wand that gives them the edge over traditional brands.
With the help of technology, entertainment companies don’t have to depend on physical meetings to reach their target market and stay in business. This is one of the many way’s technology is making luxury living gain much-needed traction.

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