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O My Bag Removes 7560 kg of Plastic from the Ganges River

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Last August, a Dutch bag brand O My Bag Amsterdam organized an Archive Sale in collaboration with Sumthing, a social enterprise focused on nature restoration. With each order made, the brand was removing 5 kg of plastic waste from the Ganges River in India. The results exceeded everyone’s expectations: 7560 kg was cleaned up! And the best part? Each customer can see for themselves how their order made a difference.

O My Bag Amsterdam’s mission is to make a positive difference in the world. The brand makes a direct connection between its commercial success and its positive impact by donating 1% of its annual revenue to social projects. O My Bag prefers not to do sales regularly since the brand wants to highlight the actual value of the product and pay fairly for the craftsmanship that was involved in the production. However, since excess stock also contributes to a higher environmental footprint, sometimes there’s a need to sell discounted products from archives, samples, and perfectly imperfect items, to make sure that all products find a loving owner.

Last August, O My Bag organized an Archive Sale, and decided to do something extra. In a collaboration with Sumthing and Plastic Fischer, the brand was able to remove 5 kg of plastic waste from the Ganges River in India for every order placed during the sale. Giving back to nature is also one of the priorities for O My Bag, and this was one of the best ways to do it. Since transparency is at the core of the brand’s sustainability strategy, the company decided to make this positive impact visible to all customers.


An astonishing amount of 7560 kg of plastic waste has been removed from the Ganges River as a result of O My Bag’s Archive Sale. The plastic was collected in the following locations: Assi River TrashBoom and Varuna River TrashBoom.

After collecting the plastic, everything was sorted in Plastic Fischer’s material recovery center. All recyclable plastics have been sold to local recycling companies. The non-recyclables were sent to incineration for energy recovery, which is in line with best international practices.

On the Sumthing platform, which is also installed on O My Bag’s website, the insights in the kgs per order are publicly visible. All customers who placed an order during the sale are now able to proudly show the difference they’ve made to their friends and family.


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