EuropeanLife Luxury Week is an international city event for retail, shopping, gastronomy, hospitality and culture, promoted globally by EuropeanLife® Media S.L.
We invite shops, restaurants and hospitality businesses and cultural sights all over the world to sign in and participate to be part of this luxury bubble for Business and Luxury tourism in your city!
Have your own presentation on the EuropeanLife Luxury Week website of your city, join our Luxury Week magazine, organize your own event and be showcased in many promotion channels to make sure you will be seen in the right circles!

When signing up, you buy:

> Participation Package

For more promotion you can combine your participation with:

  • Pages in EuropeanLife Luxury Week Magazine
  • Publication on website
  • Presentation on website
  • Event promotion in EuropeanLife Luxury Week agenda
  • Promotion on the City App

*The Participation Package is mandatory and can be combined with all other products*

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