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Luxury Design and Glamour in Seville

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In an essential walk through the open mall of Seville, you will discover the shops and boutiques of important local and national designers, with spectacular frontshops that will attract your attention and invite you to enjoy an exclusive shopping experience with refined luxury and glamor.

Jewels and fine watchmaking shine brightly in streets such as the pedestrian Tetuán, where the establishment of Abrines Jewelers, experts in choosing the best gems and care for the design and purity of the materials that give life to artisan pieces, worked by great professionals in his family workshop dated 1925. Here you will also find collections as exclusive as Cartier, Bulgari, Blancpain or Vacheron-Constantin.

Rocío Porres presents her universe of unique and handmade accessories in her charming workshop in Calle Archeros, where the jewelry designer gives each of her pieces a piece of her soul to give life to small works of art in precious metals and precious stones. Her travels all over the world have impregnated his work with a cosmopolitan character. Passionate about Dalí, Rocío finds the inspiration in its works and its Andalusian roots. She has borrowed her signature DNA from the sunflower fields of her land.

If you continue towards the Plaza Nueva, you can stop at the Spanish shops such as Loewe, a reference in the design of accessories and a commitment to craftsmanship, innovation and high-quality finishes.

To speak of fashion and luxury design is to speak of Seville, a city where you will undoubtedly find good taste and glamor present in its streets and people.

EuropeanLife Luxury Week Seville, 2022

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