Promotion in Business & Luxury Industry


EuropeanLife is an award-winning media agency and an experienced, professional partner in the business & Luxury industry. We believe that each brand, each entrepreneur and each event deserve a custom made promotion campaign in the channels that reach your client the best way! Work with us!

The publishing and promotion landscape has drastically evolved over the years, and so have the needs of luxury brand and business industry. EuropeanLife adjust with this market in a modern way, and this makes each campaign a strong custom made tool for each of our clients.

Our set of media tools, our international community and our 20 years of experience makes the right mix for your promotion.

Our expertise lies in crafting tailored marketing strategies that harness the power of online platforms, VIP databases, social media, influencers, podcasts, and event apps. This multi-faceted approach ensures comprehensive brand exposure.

Media Partnerships: With over 60 strategic media partnerships, we offer unparalleled cross-promotion opportunities that extend brand reach and establish lasting connections within the industry. We specialize in promoting exclusive brands, ensuring that your offerings are showcased to a discerning audience that values the finer things in life.

Targeted Marketing: Through data-driven insights, we understand the art of reaching the rightaudience, ensuring that your message resonates with those who matter most.


  • PUBLIC MAGAZINE: 3x per year, 8MLN+ reach
  • PODCAST: Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, IHeart, Youtube
  • MEDIA APP: Get your own app to build your community with our help
  • LUXURY GROUPS PARTNERSHIPS: 70 Different Luxury Groups
  • VIP MAILINGS: Right in our database
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok
  • WEBSITE: Active and always up to date.
  • MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY: Be seen in the right circles!
Ask for our Analytics rapport for more information.


EuropeanLife Media has a great team for professional content creation for our clients. Brochures, advertisements, video we know what content is necessary for the best result for your campaign, how to reach the right target group.   With our scala of media tools we can have the following vision:

Promotion is only effective if done in many ways, many times, over a longer period of time and as close to the target as possible.

Get in contact and let us make a custom-made offer for your campaign!

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