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The EuropeanLife® Membership Platform

Is an inspiring community of experienced entrepreneurs, brand owners and investors in Business and Luxury Industry. We welcome individuals and companies to join our platform and expand their business in many ways. EuropeanLife is the nr. 1 Business and Luxury platform with a global magazine, an active website, a podcast and many platforms around it.  We promote, present and publish in the right circles.  

At EuropeanLife we understand the value of being part of an unique group of successful business people and how we can grow together.

We give each of our members the benefit of visibility, promotion, networking, and knowledge to grow as a brand and to expand in of business and Luxury industry.

Members of the EuropeanLife® Membership Platform will receive an ongoing opportunity of visibility, promotion, networking and knowledge activities. An unique package of promotion, business knowledge-exchange and networking to grow your brand and you on the global market.


This is a supportive and dynamic community, celebrating the continuous evolution of the business & luxury industry.  We welcome you as an experienced, innovative and ambitious brand, to join us on our mission to champion the experts and influencers within our industry.

Take advantage of all we have to offer, collaborate with people in the industry, get to know how to promote your brand!


  • Immediate access to a entrepreneurial network, influencers and decision-makers in business & luxury Industry
  • An opportunity to align your brand with complimentary companies at the top end of the luxury market
  • The ability to leverage our network, discover new business opportunities and explore collaborations.
  • An opportunity to promote your business to other members and the network’s wider reach via social media promotion.
  • Get exclusive knowledge of branding, promotion, and business topics in our libary
  • An opportunity to present your own or create joint luxury events or workshops with other non-competitive companies and an opportunity to present and promote your business to the right audience.
  • Exclusive opportunity to be a participant of BEST BRAND 2024. An contest with an luxury magazine and an award winning promotion package for you to take part in.
  • An opportunity to become part of the collective voice of the luxury property industry and help change it for the better


€ 39,95 per month/ €479,40 per year
Presentation on the website (Brand register)
Presentation in EuropeanLife BEST BRAND AWARD magazine
Membership EuropeanLife Linkedin VIP group
Access to Library (2 new topics a month)
50% discount for additional ELM products
Podcast interview
On request
Promotional posts Social Media
50% Discount
Article on the website
1 per year
Participation in EuropeanLife BEST BRAND AWARD 2024
Promotion of your event on EuropeanLife agenda
Virtual Brake-out sessions
Special Offers

Special Offer

€ 49,95 for the first year + Free book

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