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Best Brand Award™ 2024 is a group of global brands, companies, events and business people that we recognize as high level operating or eye-catching in the business- and Luxury Industry.
They will be promoted by EuropeanLife Media on our website and in a special Magazine that will be made every year in November/December.
This magazine will be promoted and shared in many channels and will be an important part or EuropeanLife Media.

Our Best Brand community gives a great deal of status and recognition in the industry and being part of it will give our brands an opportunity to be seen on a higher level.

The Best Brand Award™ 2024 magazine will be promoted in a global campaign every year.  It will also be shared in our Business & Luxury channels with a reach of 8MLN+ right in the hands of your target group.
A great way to expand your brand in the right circles and build their trust and loyalty.

All the brands that are recognized as a Best Brand and will be seen on the website of EuropeanLife, a great way to be found by the right people, it could be your future client. 

Our Award categories:

Best Premium Luxury Brand 2024

Celebrating brands that redefine luxury the best way

Best Sustainable Brand 2024

Recognizing brands leading the charge in sustainability

Best Luxury Start up 2024

Honoring emerging brands with groundbreaking visions

Best Design Brand 2024

Showcasing exceptional creativity and design prowess

You can be part of the BEST BRAND AWARD™ 2024 by applying and telling us about your company.
To be a participant of BEST BRAND AWARD™ 2024 you need to have a membership on the EuropeanLife Membership Platform.

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