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Ponzano, The Trendiest Food Street in Madrid

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Calle Ponzano, a street lined with tapas bars and cocktail spots in Madrid’s Chamberí neighbourhood, has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. In fact, the term #ponzaning is on heavy rotation around social media, and refers to the mix of old-school roots, contemporary fare and lively atmosphere that have become Calle Ponzano’s hallmarks.

As most revellers make multiple stops in an evening, the variety of options – from boisterous bars to romantic restaurants – adds to Ponzano’s appeal. Some of the coolest and newest restaurants in Madrid can be found on this street, making it a total culinary destination. The street pulses with life and is lined with some of the brightest stars of the contemporary dining scene.

For meat lovers, try the ultra-modern Sala de Despiece (Calle Ponzano, 11), where you can treat yourself to expertly grilled meat, seafood and vegetable dishes in a bright, post-industrial frenzy of great food and wine.

If you’re craving a truly elegant night out, try Toque de Sal (Calle Ponzano, 48) for a journey through modern Mediterranean cuisine. The lush interiors are the perfect backdrop for enjoying the top-notch menu of everything from grilled fish to quinoa salad!

Ponzano goes through Madrid’s very own little Italy, try Picsa (Ponzano, 76) for a gourmet Argentinian pizza experience and Trattoria Manzoni (Bretón de los Herreros, 13.)

Finally, if you want to blow the budget, go try a tasting menu at El Invernadero (Ponzano, 85.) Michelin starred Chef Rodrigo de la Calle builds dishes around seasonal vegetables and international cuisine trends.

Regardless of gastronomic preferences, this street offers a diverse proposal that adjusts to the most demanding palates. Definitely a MUST to visit.

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