For all participants the format is the same; global visibility, creating a marketplace of cultural experiences and sales opportunities.
EuropeanLife realizes an ongoing promotion, marketing collaboration and presenting our participants in this event the whole year through in the best way.

By being a participant, you will be seen on the website of EuropeanLife Luxury Week as an official participant. In the magazine of EuropeanLife Luxury Week of every city there will be a list of participants for shoppers to visit. We will also promote your logo or your company name on all our social media platforms to for your global exposure.

What do we offer:

  1. Registration: We want you to be seen in the right distribution channels. To become a participant on European Luxury Week, please register on our website to join our international promotion campaign. Your logo will be seen in the participation list of EuropeanLife Luxury Week on the website, and in the registration insert in the Luxury Week Magazine. Your logo will be placed on the city app so shoppers and visitors can find you. For promotion we will provide designs and materials to download and promote your hotel, restaurant or shop as an participant of EuropeanLife Luxury Week as soon as possible and during the Luxury Week. A professional way to show your participation.
  2. Present company: Buy your own shopping window on our website and showcase your company, your brand, your restaurant, shop or hotel. You can do this with an image of your restaurant, or a video made in your hotel or your shop. Our team is here to help you! Your presentation will be directed linked to your website.
  3. Your event in the EuropeanLife Luxury Week Agenda: Presentation of your event on the Official agenda for EuropeanLife Luxury week. An event can be as big as a concert on the roof of your hotel, a runway in your store, or a special happy hour in your restaurant. All events will also be shared on our platforms to our global audience.
  4. Your pages in our Luxury Week Magazine: Luxury Week likes to give all participants the opportunity to be part of its international campaign in the official EuropeanLife Luxury Week Magazine, created and distributed by EuropeanLife Media. Buy your pages and be seen in exclusive distribution channels in luxury worldwide (reach 8 MLN) This interactive magazine allows you to display videos, interviews and direct links to your online content.
  5. Publication on our website: Be published in our website and reach 5.5K unique monthly visitors with a storytelling article or an advertisement linked to your own website. We share all our articles on all our platforms for more promotion.

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