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Gotham Winery Soon to Launch New “Lifestyle Series”

Kwaw Amos, Founder of Gotham Winery, NY state’s first, African-American owned winery, shares his vision for new wine “Lifestyle Series”, and the importance of rethinking how we make wine and relate to customers.

Kwaw Amos, is an investment banker by day, but his real passion lies in finding the perfect blend of grapes to craft his robust lines of wines. Amos found his interest in the winemaking process at the age of 13 after he won the local science fair with a project about distillation. He later founded Oson Wine Cellars, NY State’s only African American owned and run winery. In 2018 the winery was renamed Gotham Winery and has quickly gained a name in the wine-making industry.

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Kwaw Amos, Entrepreneur and Founder of Only Black-Owned and Operated Winery in NY on the Meaning Behind his Lifestyle Series and Winery

Gotham produces wine with grapes grown from many domestic regions.  Depending on seasonal rhythms Kwaw works with a small group of family farms in New York, California, and other states to source fruit that fits his flavor profile. Through Gotham Winery, Kwaw hopes to further the advancement of NY State’s wine industry, which has grown in prestige especially for world class Riesling.

“Our goal is to make the process of winemaking as light touch as possible.  We believe the grape should be allowed to tell its own story and we act as detailed guides.”

All production at the Finger Lakes site is done at a sustainable facility.  The Finger Lakes facility, on a 72-acre sustainable farm near Lake Keuka, runs completely on solar panels, provides electric car power stations, and uses climate friendly farming techniques.

“ Our grower partners are all farms that share the belief that viticulture should be done with reverence and restrained use of limited resources.

Gotham’s main goal is to help wine appeal more to their customers, which are predominately modern wine drinkers in metropolitan areas.  Kwaw believes these sophisticated urbanites want value driven wines that appeal to a wide palette and deep wine knowledge.  To help speak to the cosmopolitan lifestyle of his customer, Kwaw recently introduced his Lifestyle Series.  He has started with three distinct lifestyle experiences:

Traveler = A Sauvignon Blanc which celebrates travel and exploration
Couture = A Rosé which celebrates daily vogue and the fashion industry
Artist =  A Riesling which celebrates art and artists by decorating the label with works from local creators

According to Kwaw, this series caters to promoting individuality and doing things in your own style, but also celebrating the lives we lead in metropolitan areas.

“The Lifestyle Series seeks to celebrate the various aspects of our everyday lives. Each wine is crafted in a style that exemplifies each lifestyle choice”.

To learn more about Gotham Winery visit: www.GothamWinery.com

or get in contact with Melissa Bill, Gotham Winery Public Relations Manager
Email: melissab@elkordyglobal.com

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