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Sunday In The Sky with Galvin at Windows

The traditional Sunday lunch has had a somewhat sacred prominence in our British culture, tracing back to the historical century of the late 1700s as the cherished  meal of choice post a Sunday church service.

Fast forwarding to the 20th century, the allure of succulent slow roasted meat, golden crisp potatoes and lashings of gravy continues to grasp the beloved nation, earning a firm presence from the family favourite pubs, to lavishly opulent Michelin worthy gems.

Serving some Sunday luxury, are the settings of the award winning London based, Galvin at Windows, which runs under the renowned 2005, family run empire founded by Michelin Star brothers, Chris and Jeff Galvin.

The Galvin portfolio boasts some of the most extraordinary dining collections offering exceptional haute cuisine, using sourced ingredients be it within the arresting, Grade II listed architectural magnificence of Galvin La Chapelle, the 14th century rustic charm of Galvin Green Man or for yours truly, the unsurpassable panoramic settings of Galvin at Windows.  Here I relished the opportunity to indulge in a decadent three course Sunday lunch feast, elevated further with a fine wine pairing.

Nestled inside the comforts of the upscale London Hilton amongst the prestigious five star stature of Park Lane, I strolled through the 1960s glitz of the hotel lobby beckoning the lift to the floating heights of the 28th floor. After a warm welcome and led to the spacious dining room, my attentions turned to the unpretentious sophistication of the design and layout, where the team had played their winning hand with diligent precision.    A classically subtle colour scheme of yellow gold, cream and white played key throughout the room, with minimal furnishings and chocolate wooden flooring, likely purposely intended to give centre stage to its golden ticket; the lustfully sweeping views of London’s skyline.

I’d hit the jackpot with a prime window seat with full views of the room, bright and soothing with an abundance of natural light courtesy of the top to bottom glass.  Two tulip flutes of icy cold champagne soon made their way to the table, incorporating light fruity notes with a crisp dryness and sharp bubbles, that was nothing short of a pure delight.

After some freshly baked bread, the starters of butternut squash veloute and cured Faroe Islands salmon arrived.  The purée sprung to life with the intensely deep shade from the butternut, and proved nothing short of a sweet, velvety bowl of deliciousness topped with a helping of wild mushrooms and truffle shavings.  The salmon showcased a plate encompassing both style and substance, with the delicate pieces of fresh, melt in the mouth sushi style salmon marinating in a light, tangy orange juice.  The finishing touches comprised  of caviar, orange segments and striking compact flowers, almost making it too beautiful to eat.
The dishes were beautifully paired with a 2015 White Rioja; creamy and citrusy with a vanilla aroma.

The main course of our cherished Sunday celebration, satiated my long standing yearning for a hearty roast.  The mid rare cut of black Angus beef sliced like butter, brimming with powerful juices and immersed in a deep red wine sauce.  The side trimmings were initially approached with caution, due to countless soggy or burnt encounters however, the Galvin brothers weren’t set to disappoint.  The perfect crispness of roast potatoes hid a delightfully fluffy filling, wonderfully complimenting the golden Yorkshire puddings and piping hot serving of creamy cauliflower cheese, completed with a side of fresh vegetables.  The stunning wine match was none other than the 2015, Italian Biferno Riserva; bold and rustic with the powerful ripeness of cherry and blueberry.

Completing the afternoon were the desserts of white chocolate delice and raspberry soufflé.  The light and bubbly mousse of white chocolate had enveloped a soft orange centre, working in optimal harmony with its sugary sweet and zesty contrast topped with a refreshing burst of rhubarb sorbet, whilst the baby pink soufflé filled with fresh berry flavours was airy yet firm, served with a scoop of rich salted almond ice cream that was a delicious change from the done to death salted caramel.

The Galvin Brothers arrived their culinary mission to create restaurants that they and the public fantasised to dine in, which they have executed to military standards. Their sublime food, first rate amiable teams and diverse exquisite settings make for the perfect experience, be they a romantic candlelight dinner, or a relaxed gourmet Sunday lunch.  For those brushing up your post lockdown wish list don’t think twice, the 28th floor of Galvin beckons your presence.

Visit www.galvinatwindows.com

Anuja Gaur
Luxury Lifestyle writer for EuropeanLife

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