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Hotel Hana – Opening end of October 2023

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It’s a journey, where divergent influences and pathways intersect, creating a captivating rendez-vous. It’s a meeting, between the dynamic energy of Paris and the profound ethos of Japanese culture. Situated in close proximity to the Opéra Garnier and Galeries Lafayette, not far from the Bourse, Hana stands as the latest 5-star gem of the ADRESSES HOTELS collection. Its name, meaning ‘flower’ in Japanese, is an invitation to envision dreams, harmony, and elsewhere.

Could it be the amalgamation of Hemingway’s Parisian elegance with the allure of the rising sun that captivates its guests? Undoubtedly so! ADRESSES HOTELS boldly affirms the authenticity of its establishments in iconic locales, introducing this new destination within a meticulously restored and redecorated building.

Hana is also a rendez-vous, a meeting of minds between Olivier Leone, a revered artistic director from the fashion industry, embarking on his inaugural hotel venture, and Laura Gonzalez, the acclaimed architect and interior designer. This creative duo has birthed an establishment that radiates ‘a feminine aspect, something graceful, voluble, and precious.,’ a true ‘jewel box,’ combining the qualities of both a cocoon and a boudoir. As you step through the doors, the space orchestrates a harmonious blend of two contrasting aesthetic currents: the opulence of early 20th-century maximalism and the refined simplicity of Japanese minimalism.

Laura Gonzalez has composed a new symphony, crafting a cohesive, elegant, and welcoming atmosphere, with the distinct intention of infusing life into the surroundings and furnishings. It’s a testament to her stylistic versatility, as she moves from her signature eclectic style to draw inspiration from the duality of romanticism and wabi-sabi, a Japanese philosophy that finds beauty in imperfection and simplicity. The result is a masterful fusion of materials, fabrics, and colors, a testament to the collaborative efforts of skilled artisans, including Sonja de Monchy, Ateliers Roma, and Signature Mural.

Within the guest accommodations, you’ll find 25 rooms, including 2 suites, each exuding a feng shui ambience that invokes tranquility. These spaces embody the aesthetics of the essential, meticulous attention to detail, and a deliberate elimination of superfluous elements. The ambiance is gentle and authentic, devoid of any superficial ornamentation. It’s a perfect equilibrium, a blend of classic and undeniably modern elements, with new spatial dialogues unfolding throughout the premises, thanks to the soaring volumes that draw the gaze upward to the ceiling.

A commitment to creating a fluid spatial experience allows the graceful passage of natural light throughout the interiors. This concept extends to the Hanabi restaurant-bar, where an open kitchen invites travelers and gastronomes to savor a delightful explosion of flavors. The menu, curated by culinary talents Shirley Garrier and Mathieu Zouhairi, known as The Social Food, features offerings like egg mayonnaise with white sesame and Hanabi furikake, beef tartare with nashi pear, soba salad with marinated vegetables and miso sauce, effortlessly bridging the divide between bistro tradition and refined Japanese cuisine. The bar, meanwhile, boasts an array of sake-based mixology and colorful cocktails.

For those seeking serenity, a respite awaits in the wellness area. Here, a swimming pool, two treatment cabins, and a cozy fitness space adorn this sanctuary where the art of relaxation takes center stage.

In Hana, harmony and beauty transcend mere adornments; they represent the pulsating soul of the Hana experience. This journey is designed to be both near and far, exhilarating and peaceful, offering the privilege of an unforgettable immersion in the artistic, fashionable, and culturally rich Paris.

More than just a collection of boutique hotels, ADRESSES HOTELS are heartbeats born out of a desire to create iconic places that reflect their neighborhoods. They could be those addresses that are only shared by word of mouth, and that should not be talked about too much for fear of losing their essence. These places combine the conviviality of a family home with the comfort of a grand hotel. They are scattered throughout the busiest neighborhoods of Paris and beyond, and have taken root without altering or disrupting their surroundings, blending in with discretion and humility. Each hotel tells a story, with a unique decor and atmosphere that is an extension of the surrounding streets. The men and women who work tirelessly every day to ensure everyone’s comfort are the soulful supplement that makes ADRESSES HOTELS so special.


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