Franchise Magazine

Franchise magazine is a unique concept which is made for different owners with a database to work with. We work together with membership clubs, entrepreneurs, influencers, agencies, businesses, associations, events, and networking groups, to create a magazine especially for the client to be used as a personal marketing tool. The franchise magazines often serve as an interactive portfolio with a sophisticated editorial design and allows our clients to be presented in the best light to their audience. 
At the same time, EuropeanLife gives its client access to luxury and business distribution channels and luxury communities in different global markets. By use of a franchise magazine, the client is able to share its story with the right target industry on an international stage, connect with (potential) customers, and reach new and interesting people/prospects. 

All EuropeanLife magazines are digital and interactive and allow clients to display videos and interviews, as well as add direct hyperlinks to the pages of the magazines. The magazines are shared with EuropeanLife’s databases and network in Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA, and Africa. Additionally, EuropeanLife promotes all magazines for six months via its global distribution channels. 

For businesses, associations, events, clubs and network groups a digital and interactive magazine is the perfect way to showcase your brand or business and connect with (potential) customers from all over the world. As a brand you are able to present yourself the way you like.

At EuropeanLife, we provide an exclusive group of influencers, bloggers and entrepreneurs with their own digital, interactive magazine, tailor-made by a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the media industry. EuropeanLife will promote the magazine in our exclusive VIP databases and network in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, USA and Africa, with a reach of 8M.

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