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The Partnership Changing the Billion- Dollar Beauty Industry

Expected to grow to US$784 billion by 2027, the beauty industry is going from strength to strength. And as environmental impact becomes increasingly crucial for better business decisions, Reese Witherspoon has partnered with Biossance to shape a cleaner future. The sustainable skincare brand, which is owned by Amyris, will work with the entertainment entrepreneur for the next five years to educate consumers of the importance of using clean beauty products.

“I have always been conscious of what’s being put on my skin, but after all the time I’ve spent on sets throughout my career, I’ve learned so much,” Reese says. “As my knowledge has grown so has my desire to use clean and consciously created products.

“I not only fell in love with Biossance’s products, especially their Rose Oil, but also their innovative, female-led team and their mission towards a sustainable future.

“My skin has never felt healthier and I’m proud to work with such a strong industry leader in sustainability and care for our planet.”

Established just five years ago, the pioneering brand has already made a substantial impact on the world and the US$511 billion dollar beauty industry.

From blacklisting more than 2,000 toxic ingredients and saving two million sharks every year to becoming zero waste by 2025, Biossance is tackling the lucrative industry to create a global movement.

Described as being a champion of empowerment and education, Reese will play a crucial role in spreading the brand’s green message of hope, says Biossance President Catherine Gore.

“Her relatability, genuine desire to learn and passion for her beliefs engages everyone she reaches,” Catherine says. “We are honoured to partner with her in advancing our mission toward a more sustainable future for our planet through clean beauty.

“We continue to experience industry leading growth and expect our partnership with Reese to expand our global consumer awareness while continuing to improve the effectiveness of our mission.”

The US-founded company has played a significant role in spearheading the narrative around science and beauty.

Blending the “nerdy side of science” and the “charming side of beauty” has allowed Biossance to produce some prominent innovations including its very own squalane oil. Long harvested from shark livers, the science-driven venture created its own sustainable squalane made from sugarcane, replacing the need for shark squalene.

Boasting non-toxic vegan formulas and world-first creations, Biossance is set to see more than US$100 million in revenue this year.

As part of the inspiring five-year partnership, Reese will be tasked with creating engaging content that’s empowering and educational, as well as creating limited-edition items.

“When people know better, they do better – that’s a Maya Angelou quote,” Catherine says. “A lot of brands are moving in the right direction, but in a lot of cases these formulations have been grandfathered in.

“We had the lucky ability to start from the right place and we’ll always stay on the right place.”

EuropeanLife Magazine, 2021

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