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The Met Gala 2022 – Who’s the MOST Anticipated Celeb appearance? New Look Report Reveals All

The Met Gala is THE most exclusive event in the world of fashion and showbiz, everyone who’s anyone will be in attendance or at least invited to the glamorous event. With this year’s event carrying the theme “Gilded Glamour”, it’s set to offer big fashion moves and royal themes. The big question is, who’s eyes will everyone land on?

A new report by popular fashion brand, New Look, has taken a look into search trend data to make their predictions on who will be a hot topic on this year’s red carpet. From big celebrity names, such as Kim Kardashian and Timothée Chalamet to world-renowned designers, such as the likes of Versace and Prada, who’s predicted to come out on top?

The report firstly revealed the top 5 most popular women and men who are rumoured to attend the star-studded event.

Starting with the women;

It’s no surprise that Met Gala veteran, Kim Kardashian, has come out on top. New Look has reported a 518% increase in searches for the businesswoman and reality star as people wait to see which designer she will be showing off and if new boyfriend and comedian Pete Davidson will join her for the event.

In second place, New Look has reported that searches for British model and actress Cara Delevingne have increased by 318%. The star has been known to sport some provocative looks at the event in the past, fans and critics alike are waiting to see if her chosen designer will channel the British Aristocracy through her or continue with head-turning creations.

Coming in third is hit singer and actress Selena Gomez with searches for her increasing by 298%. The ex-Disney Channel star has attended the event several times over the years, sometimes missing the mark but as she has reentered the limelight it seems her fans are watching to see her dazzle at centre stage!

See the top 5 women here: 

Name Search Volume 2021 Search Volume 2022 Search increase
Kim Kardashian 17,600 108,800


Cara Delevingne 910 3,800


Selena Gomez 6,300 25,100


Kendal Jenner 4,800 17,400


Gigi Hadid 6,700 23,100


Moving onto the men…

Interest in men’s fashion has started to increase massively over the past two decades, this means even the men’s fashion choices are being closely watched!

Topping the list this year is Justin Bieber, the singer has attended the event several times before and is known for his individual fashion choices. As one of the best known singers in the world it’s no shock that fans are searching to see if he will attend and who he will be dressed by! Fans have searched so much that the New Look team have seen an 890% increase! He is more than likely to be in attendance with his wife and model, Hayley Bieber, but will they be dressed by the same designer? Which route will he/them take? The world is waiting and watching to know!

Coming second is rapper Travis Scott, the star has been wrapped up in controversy since events unfolded at his festival, Astro World. The performer has kept a relatively low profile since the events, with him rumoured to be in attendance, it will be one of the biggest events he will have attended since the event. Keeping this in mind his rumoured attendance has spiked searches by 97% ahead of the event. If he attends, will he opt to stand out or keep a low profile? We’ll have to wait and see!

Last but not least, third place has been taken by ex-footballer and men’s fashion icon David Beckham. Last appearing at the Met Gala with wife, Victoria, in 2014, they are rumoured to be returning to the event this year. This is likely to be, in no small part, thanks to his son, Brooklyn Beckham marrying actress, Nicola Peltz. The Englishman is always impeccably turned out, meaning his fans and fashion lovers alike have created an 86% increase in searches for the star! His possible attendance will now be watched with bated breath by all.

See the top 5 men here: 

Name Search Volume 2021 Search Volume 2022 Search increase
Justin Bieber 1,000 9,900


Travis Scott 760 1,500


David Beckham 140 260


Ryan Reynolds (one of 4 co-hosts, including wife Blake Lively) 180 260


Rami Malek 320 440


The study used MediaVision’s in-house data tools as well as sites like Buzzsumo and SEMRush to work out the search volumes, and search increases.

For more information please visit wearemediavision.com