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Sustainable Design China Summit 2023

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Sustainable Design China Summit is set to make an impact on the global design stage when it returns from 21-23 September 2023. Held at the Beijing Exhibition Center, the show, an evolution from Design China Beijing, launched last year to great acclaim from architects, developers, and other decision makers looking to pave the way for a sustainable future.

Central to Sustainable Design China Summit is its emphasis on innovative, nature-positive solutions and material applications for the built environment. The event will explore circular regenerative strategies and ground-breaking net zero concepts that not only push the boundaries of sustainability but also ensure enduring innovation in this area.

At Sustainable Design China Summit, there will be an estimated 3,500 participants with over 10,000 visitors at the exhibition. Attendees can look forward to a stellar line up of inspiring speakers.

Sustainable design expert Orianna Fielding will open the first of three days of thought-leading talks and workshops on 21 September. Since 2022, she has taken on the role of Chief Sustainability Advisor for the Sustainable Design China Summit in Beijing. Among the representatives from research and policy are Dr. Lu Jian Zhong, Board member of Global Reporting Initiative GRI and Deputy Director General of China CSR Think Tank, who will be moderating a session on The Impact of Sustainable Business Models on Design also on the first day. Zhu Dajian, director of Institute of Governance for Sustainable Development, Vice Chairman of University Academic Committee at Tongji University in Shanghai will be speaking about how Circular Economy Boosts Carbon Peaking Carbon Neutrality on day one. Mario Cucinella, Founder and Creative Director, Mario Cucinella Architects will be talking about Nature Positive Design Biodiversity on the event’s opening day while Chris Lefteri, who also has a material installation at the Sustainable Design China Summit featuring100 different design materials will speak about Sustainable Materials. Gary Zhao, general manager of building science centre BRE China will deliver a welcome speech on day two of the event. Aoyama Shuhei, Partner & Principal Architect, B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio set up the practice in Beijing in 2014. He will speak at a session on Hyper Local Design along with Tina Tang, the Tang Hotel and EOSO hotel founder.

Other key topics to be addressed over the three days include How to Create Sustainable Design Products that Engage and Connect with Consumers?; How Scientific and Technological Innovation Promotes Zero Carbon Cities Planning and Design; How to Balance Economic and Ecological Benefits in Zero-energy Building and How Hotels are Blending Design and Technology for a Greener Tomorrow.

In addition to the Sustainable Design China Summit, the event will also feature a must-visit mix of exhibitors showcasing sustainable products and materials, technology and other innovation solutions plus specially curated installations and features.

Sustainable strategies require ongoing commitment from all of us, both individuals and businesses to continually strive for better, carbon positive solutions in everything we do and all we consume. Sustainable Design China Summit brings together.

thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers of sustainability in the world of architecture and design to make this happen.

As Zhuo Tan, Show Director of Sustainable Design China Summit explains, “We are proud of what we achieved in the inaugural edition of the Summit and will look to build on that success, providing a unique platform for senior decision makers to take part in discussions, network and make new connections in the world of sustainable design.”


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