Oriental Fashion Show 2024

On 21 January 2024, the Oriental Fashion Show had celebrated an edition marked by friendship and fraternity in the historic salons of the Shangri-La Palace.

The Oriental Fashion Show has grown steadily, and this year it has been showcased as part of a crossroads of diverse cultures, offering a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.
A crossroads of diverse cultures, offering a rediscovery of worlds we thought we knew, while conveying a profound message of openness and peace.
Beyond the ephemeral evolutions of fashion, the Oriental Fashion Show transcends the mere the simple fashion show into a veritable tribune offered to designers whose undeniable talent whose, artistic creativity and rich traditional heritage are freely expressed through unique and authentic collections. In this way, the public was transported into the magic of Oriental fashion.

The Oriental Fashion Show thus becomes a symbol of peace, fraternity and cultural diversity.
Every outfit tells a story, every detail reflects the harmonious fusion of ancestral traditions and contemporary visions. This edition embodies a visual dialogue between different cultures, helping to create a world where fashion becomes a vehicle for mutual fashion becomes a vehicle for mutual understanding.
The public was invited to join the celebration of creativity and unity at this year’s Oriental Fashion Show, where fashion becomes a universal language, carrying a message of peace and brotherhood.

About the Oriental Fashion Show:

The Oriental Fashion Show is an annual event highlighting the richness of Oriental Oriental cultures through fashion. Founded some twenty years ago, it offers provides a unique platform for designers to share their heritage and artistic vision, creating a bridge between tradition and modernity.

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