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EuropeanLife Trademission to Design Shanghai 2024

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EuropeanLife Trade mission to Design Shanghai 2024

EuropeanLife host trade missions in collaboration with our Tradeshow partners around the world. We offer a unique program to provide access to a variety of events.

Our unique program with activities to get trade started are for professional brands and entrepreneurs that like to expand their markets Internationally and get sales started!

Be part of Design Shanghai and meet your future partners in China.

International trade missions offer companies the chance to expand their international business connections and develop an understanding of a foreign country’s culture, economy, and business landscape. Joining a trade mission allows companies to gain access to new markets, cultivate business partnerships, and learn how to navigate foreign regulations. Trade missions also provide the opportunity to make valuable new contacts, attend educational briefings on topics such as international trade laws, taxation, and customs, and discover potential clients, suppliers, and other important contacts. All these factors contribute to an invaluable international business experience that will enable companies to increase their success in foreign markets.

EuropeanLife has been instrumental in partnering with many tradeshows that have significantly benefited companies entering a new market. By working together with International Tradeshows for years, these trade missions will facilitate the meeting of potential partners in foreign markets, fostering connections and enabling collaborations across borders for brands that seeking to expand their global footprint. Through curated networking events, one-on-one meetings, workshops EuropeanLife helps numerous companies establish relationships with foreign partners, leading to the growth of their international presence and the development of mutually beneficial trade partnerships.


  • Participation in an international tradeshow in EuropeanLife Pavilion
  • Part of Trade mission Magazine shared in multi channels in the industry.
  • Personal presentation document in local language.
  • Mix-and Matching activity with the industry people, potential partners, buyers
  • 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Workshop; “Doing business in……”
  • Network reception with successful experts
  • Hotel, 7 nights
  • Transport to and from hotel
  • Host

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