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EuropeanLife Luxury Week City event 2022!

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In this period after COVID-19, EuropeanLife is expanding with international magazines, trade shows and a brand new EuropeanLife Luxury Week city event—a week where we get the luxury shopping vibe back in the city. This annual event is a celebration for retail, gastronomy and hospitality, which all join EuropeanLife to give shoppers, tourists and luxury lovers a week of joy, a party of happiness!

We will start in 2022 in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville for EuropeanLife Luxury Week Spain because we all know that Spain knows how to party! We can organize a EuropeanLife Luxury Week in your city, too!

With our promotion team, our event managers and our partners in tourism, we will promote EuropeanLife Luxury Week in your city with your own EuropeanLife Luxury Week magazine. All retailers, restaurants and hotels can participate by creating their own events, which we will promote.

Can you imagine a runway in your favorite store? A VIP reception in a winetasting venue? Or a special luxury menu in your restaurant? EuropeanLife is all about entrepreneurship and business, and we think that these events will help entrepreneurs to get the tourists and shoppers back and give your city an economic boost before the tourist season ends. We will have the first Luxury Week in Barcelona in 2022. EuropeanLife Luxury Week will be held during the same week as the EuropeanLife Luxury Tradeshow, and this will make Barcelona the center of the luxury industry in September 2022!

We invite shops, restaurants and hospitality businesses all over the world to realize your own EuropeanLife Luxury Event with us and let us promote your city, your activities, and your participants globally every year. Our team of promoters, event organizers and editors will support you to make it happen! For your city, we have a Luxury Week magazine, a city website, and a special City app. We have many promotion channels to make sure you will be seen in the right circles!

Our custom-made City app will be made for your city so the participants can be seen on the city map and visitors know how to find you. Events can be promoted to get the visitors to the right place on the right time. All participants can build their own community with clients and communicate to them directly. A modern tool to enjoy this event to the fullest!

Would you like a EuropeanLife Luxury Week in your city?

Contact us and we can organize it for your city.


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