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EuropeanLife Media Team visit France Air Expo

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The France Air Expo 2023 was held recently in the city of Lyon, and EuropeanLife Media was invited to attend the event and be responsible for the promotion. It was an amazing event to experience, and a special experience to attend. On the airport of Lyon, surrounded by this beautiful landscape are the best of the best in aviation industry parked to be seen and by its visitors. The expo featured a great variety of aircrafts from all around the world, showcasing the latest in the aviation industry.

It provided an opportunity to view the latest advancements in aircraft design and innovation. We were able to appreciate the significant strides that have been taken in the field of aviation both in the design and safety of aircraft. The event also featured an array of presentations, lectures, seminars, and workshops given by renowned industry leaders. These helped provide an insight into the different aspects of aviation, including topics such as safety regulations, aircraft design, and new developments in the industry. Also a big part of this industry where flight schools for future pilots, Insurance companies, and companies for spare parts.

We spoke to many brands and wanted to know more about the possibility for businesspeople to use a plane for their business trips. This is not only a time saver but also a way to upgrade the status of your business. We were surprised about the opportunities there are in this modern industry to use private planes; buy one yourself, share one with partners or use services around the world to fly private. Or what to think about commercial drone industry? Using drone for security issues, logistic matters, or health industry that even use it for blood drop offs? A completely new world opened up for us. In our interviews with insurance companies, we found that there is a lot to take care of, it is not like a car waiting outside your office. Be sure you get yourself educated before going to buy a private plane.

France Air Expo give you an unique opportunitie to network with other aviation professionals, and it confirmed for me that the best contact is personal contact. We enjoyed the business network side from this event very much.

On the event we had a live interview with the brand; Pilatus. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Is the only Swiss company to develop, produce and sell aircrafts to customers around the world. This is a brand that stands out in design, functionality, and power. I had an interview with one of their salesmanagers and he told us a lot of the technique of the plain but also the selling points for every business person or company to consider.

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