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A hub of architectural and design innovation: Design China Beijing

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A hub of architectural and design innovation: Design China Beijing returns this September to showcase global talent, exceptional thought leadership and regenerative design ideas.

Bringing together the industry’s largest concentration of architectural and design thought leaders to share ideas and exchange global perspectives, Design China Beijing returns this September for a four-day event with iconic international design names and local design talent. Taking place from 24th to 27th September 2021, as part of the Beijing International Design Week, the 4th edition of Design China Beijing will focus on the theme of ‘Nature, Nurture and Sustainable Beauty’ whichwill be expressed through sustainable design materialsand industrial research.

Design China Beijing plays a pivotal role in this year’s global design calendar, as one of the leading international design trade events with a physical presence following the pandemic. As part of the Design Shanghai portfolio, which now covers three key cultural and commercial hubs in China, Design China Beijing will be followed by Design Shenzhen, launching for the first time 9th-12th December 2021. These must-see events in the international design landscape further strengthen China’s position as the world’s biggest design market. With innovative projects being developed across Beijing and Shanghai, led by the world’s key players in design and architecture, further establishes China’s significance to the global design community.

Set across 12,000² metres of the remarkable National Agricultural Exhibition Centre, one of the largest exhibition centres in Beijing, the event exhibits over 100 designers including some of China’s most exciting brands, both established and emerging, as well as the latest products from leading global design brands showcasing their commitment to regenerative design.

The fair will focus on the theme of Nature, Nurture and Sustainable Beauty which will be expressed with sustainable design materials and industrial research, including not only architectural and urban innovation but also new modes of cultural and social interaction through design. Design China Beijing’s ambition is seeking to engage not just the designer and industry but also the broader audience and bring awareness to the expanded technological, cultural, social and economic field of sustainability.

Design China Beijing’s Show Director, Zhuo Tan comments: “After all the challenges we have been through over the past three years, Design China Beijing has developed into a hub of architectural and design innovation and has built a strong reputation in the design industry. In the 4th edition of Design China Beijing, we would like to go beyond original designs and industrial research, and to deepen our understanding of ‘sustainability’ through designs from our exciting exhibitors and features.”

A highlight not to be missed is the world-renowned talks programme, this year featuring talks from over 30 design icons and global thought leaders, including Amanda Levete, Morag Myerscough, Teresa van Dongen, Satyendra Pakhalé, Dayong Sun and Shanshan Qi, to name but a few.