Oriental Fashion Show Paris 2023

On 24 and 25 January 20203 the Oriental Fashion Show hosted around fifteen designers of different nationalities who showcased their latest collections.

The event is supported by the association “Silk Road and Al-Andalus”, which works to promote oriental fashion in its most glamorous and creative aspects. Inspired by the richness of the Orient, Oriental Fashion Show If it today symbolises elegance and dreams in the world of luxury, it is also a guarantee of know-how and quality. Oriental fashion combines traditional and ancestral know-how with innovative and modern creativity. For a long time, this rich universe has been a source of inspiration for a large number of designers throughout the world: Paul Poiret, Mariano Fortuny, Yves Saint Laurent… Western designers have always drawn on these influences. This heritage is now being taken up by a new generation of designers who are as talented as they are concerned about preserving the heritage of clothing and ancestral know-how.

An Oriental Fashion Awards ceremony closed these events on 27 January 2023 at UNESCO to ho-nour the participants. Hany El Behairy (Egypt), Adiba Al Mahboub (Kuwait), Hind Zeiden (Lebanon), Lalla Aicha Mouaastassim “Mautassin” (Morocco), Ecaterina Sergheevici “Morphine” (Moldavia), Ika Butoni (Indonesia) Sabina Volskaya, Hanum Aidash (Kazakhstan) Aziz Ruziyev and Irina Diosa (Uzbekis-tan), Omri Fashion by Elayan Omri(Nazareth), Maison Yacef (Algeria), Zineb Hazim (Italy), Addy Van den Krommenacker (Netherlands), Maison Menouba (Algeria), Nabil Younes (France-Libya).

“It is increasingly recognised that culture represents a powerful lever transcending the differences between communities by establishing a true dialogue between civilisations, because it is the ele-ment around which all societies can be equal. For this very reason, it is the essential ferment that makes it possible to build a world of peace and harmony.

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