Christian Grande redefines an apartment in the heart if Milan


Christian Grande has skillfully captured the passion of the two owners by using a palette of sculptural whites that elegantly frames the carefully selected artworks and furniture pieces.

His goal was to create an immersive artwork that breathes new life into classical elegance, completing the masterful transformation of an apartment located in one of the most exclusive areas of Milan, just steps away from the Triennale. This elegant apartment, owned by an art-loving couple, is now a refuge where art and living blend into a single immersive experience.

Spanning approximately 200 square meters of expertly renovated space, the apartment stands as a testament to the Christian Grande studio’s ability to create an environment that transcends mere functionality, transforming it into an unparalleled sensory experience.

A distinctive feature of this renovation is Christian Grande’s adept use of natural light as a tool to shape the atmosphere. The apartment, spread over two levels, is filled with an ethereal brightness that delicately dances off the sculptural white walls and polished marble, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and sophisticated serenity.

It is the integration of art, a profound passion of the owners, that truly transforms the apartment into a masterpiece in itself. Artworks and exquisite furniture pieces are masterfully displayed, creating a visual dialogue between space and object that envelops anyone who enters. Every detail, from the marble slabs to the meticulous boiserie work that conceals functional furnishings, contributes to creating a timeless aesthetic experience.

It was my intention to envision this apartment,” explains Christian Grande, “to make guests feel like an integral part of the work of art rather than mere spectators: they can admire the artworks, enhanced through the choice to use sculptural white, while feeling at one with the environment.”

A refined fusion of contemporary elements and conviviality codes, the apartment expresses the owners’ love for hospitality. Christian Grande’s artistic vision is thus reflected in the layout of the spaces, where each area is designed to offer an enveloping and engaging experience.

From the stately entrance, guests can access two living rooms: one defined as a “party room” enriched by a bar area, capable of hosting guests in an atmosphere of elegance and refinement, while the other, more composed, also includes a dining area. The separate kitchen with its fireplace, facing a charming garden, encourages conviviality and hospitality. A touch of further modernity is marked by the presence of a full gym complemented by a small spa; its deep green color almost anticipates the lushness of the garden, creating a liaison between indoors and outdoors.

It’s a large residence, but with only two bedrooms – the value of the space is not so much quantified by the number of rooms, but by how they are structured and studied,” continues Grande. “Art-inspired design and functionality merge seamlessly here. This is exemplified by the bedroom wardrobe, hidden behind boiserie, which conceals a functional technical compartment.

Hidden from sight is a special hi-fi system that completely disappears, as well. The art of high-fidelity music that accompanies guests throughout their stay is capable of transforming the home once more into an ever more immersive environment.

Thus, the design choices and furnishings have been expertly selected to reflect the joyful and welcoming spirit of this family, ensuring that every guest feels an integral part of endless serenity.

Christian Grande DesignWorks


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