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ZEEKR partners with MEKO for vehicle service in Sweden

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Global electric mobility technology brand ZEEKR is partnering with aftersales specialist MEKO for vehicle servicing in Sweden. From MEKO’s professional network, Expert EV specialists have been chosen to provide nationwide coverage for all vehicle servicing requirements for private and fleet customers.

MEKO has proven expertise in electric vehicle (EV) technology and is the ideal partner to service and maintain ZEEKR’s range of state-of-the-art luxury EVs, comprising the ZEEKR 001 Shooting Brake and ZEEKR X Compact Urban SUV. (ZEEKR 001: Combined power consumption in kWh/100km: 18.2-18.5 (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0. ZEEKR X: Combined power consumption in kWh/100km: 16.5-17.5 (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0).

With factory-trained technicians, fully equipped workshops complete with ZEEKR tools and state-of-the-art diagnostics, MEKO will ensure every ZEEKR vehicle is maintained to the highest standards as part of the ZEEKR Care service program. MEKO’s network will also support ZEEKR’s outstanding 5+5 years / 200,000km warranty.

Stephen Dorman, Head of Customer Care at ZEEKR Europe, said: “ZEEKR stands for the highest quality and customer-friendliness, which of course also applies to service, maintenance and repair. Therefore, we are delighted to collaborate with MEKO as ZEEKR makes its debut in Sweden. This partnership is right for us and for our customers as we emphasize accessibility and a smooth customer journey. We look forward to a long-term partnership where collaboration in more markets may become relevant.”

“It’s very exciting that ZEEKR has chosen MEKO as its service partner, and it’s especially positive for everyone who will own a ZEEKR vehicle. This trust shows that MEKO is an efficient and customer-friendly partner for the big electric car brands of tomorrow. We have the necessary infrastructure, and we have the same extensive expertise in electric cars as in traditional gasoline and diesel cars. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with ZEEKR,” said Oskar Gibas Hjertquist, Head of International Sales at MEKO.

ZEEKR Care and up to 5+5 Years / 200,000 km warranty

The ZEEKR Care service program with up to 10 years (5+5 years / 200,000 km) guarantee is a convenient way to ensure ZEEKR vehicles are kept perfectly maintained, with mobile technicians able to service or repair them at locations chosen by the customer, or through a visit to a ZEEKR Flagship store or networks operated by ZEEKR Care partners. For maximum flexibility, Zeekr Care Service Packages can be purchased with the vehicle or at any time during the ownership period and is also fully transferable to the next customer. Reflecting ZEEKR’s exceptional quality standards, all models come with a 5+5 year warranty, comprising cover for the first five years or 100,000 km. This can then be extended for up to a further five years – and an overall total of 200,000 km – when scheduled servicing is carried out in the ZEEKR Service network. The high voltage battery is protected by an eight-year or 200,000 km warranty, whichever comes first.


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