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Czech car manufacturer Škoda invited people in Lyon and Barcelona to embark with them on the “Let’s Explore” exhibition adventure. 18,000 people took up the invitation and entered an interactive and entertaining world of exhibits and content spheres.

Škoda’s existing campaign “Make Every Kilometer Count” was made tangible and experiential on more than 1200 square meters. A smart RFID-based journey awaited visitors on the exhibition foor where every explorative action was translated into a currency of memories – in this case, measured in the cherished units of kilometers the visitors gathered through their interactions. More than 5 million kilometers were collectively gathered in both countries.

Some of the exhibition touchpoints worked simply through physical movements; the visitors could actively modify and shape the surfaces. In the so-called “Forest of Lights,” for example, visitors were able to turn their pedaling actions on a bike into something beautiful: The longer the journey lasted, the more spectacular and colorful the world around them became. The most popular station was the “Smoothie Bar,” where visitors could pedal up fantastically delicious and healthy smoothies, with such melodious names as ‘Make Every Banana Count’ or ‘Explore More.’

Moreover, an engaging supplementary program provided visitors with intriguing insights into Škoda’s Modern Solid Design and Digital Services elements, presented by Škoda interns such as Karl Neuhold (Head of Exterior Design), Franck Le Gall (Exterior Designer) and Eric Boutin (Head of Customer Journey). Additional engaging panels on the highly pertinent topic of sustainability were held throughout the exhibition days. One of the most engaging cooperations was probably the one with the global opensource community called Precious Plastic. The visitors´ participation has sustainably contributed to the growth of the tree sculpture in the Precious Plastic sphere. With handwritten wishes left on the recycled leafs, the visitors have actively become a part of the artwork of participation community members Johé Bruneau and Adrian Coira. The Spanish, English, and French-speaking infuencer Marta Canga hosted the stage program.

The overarching shout out was clear, distinct, and above all, palpable for all visitors: “Explore the world around you. Stay curious and be courageous. Open your eyes to new and undiscovered things. And if you need us, we’re here for you.“ As a token of appreciation, Škoda presented its visitors with spruce tree seeds for self-planting. The message is as beautiful as it is sustainable: Let’s work together to make the future greener and more valuable.


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