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Best Places to shop in Cancun

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Whether you’re shopping for items you’ll need during your vacation, or browsing for gifts to take home to family and friends, there are a whole list of reasons why you might want to indulge in some retail therapy while you’re in Cancun.

There are a number of shopping malls in the Hotel Zone, and plenty of authentic Mexican stores and flea markets in downtown Cancun. Each has its own benefits, and the ones you visit will depend on the vibe you’re looking for, as well as what you need to buy.

Here are – in our opinion – some of the best places to shop in Cancun.

La Isla Shopping Mall

La Isla is the Hotel Zone’s most visited, and most attractive, shopping mall. Mainly outside, it’s a lovely place to walk around, enjoying the bridges and waterways, while soaking up the sun. There is a focus on higher-end stores at this shopping mall, including well-known names like Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Carolina Herrera. There are also a good number of restaurants if you need to refuel during your browsing. Also boasting a casino, Cancun’s only aquarium, a cinema, and The Sun of Cancun, a huge Ferris wheel with views over the Hotel Zone, there’s plenty to do here that will keep the whole family entertained.

Market 28

Market 28 (or Mercado 28 in Spanish) is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of place. Its traders are known for being persistent, but if you can handle this, it’s a really fun experience and you can pick up some bargains.

Visit this downtown market if you’re looking for Mexican-style gifts or handicrafts. Some goods will be authentic and handmade, some will be mass-produced, but buy what you like best and nobody will be disappointed..

Marina Puerto Cancun Commercial Center

The modern Marina Puerto Cancun shopping mall is found just outside the Hotel Zone, and is accessible by taking a bus or cab towards downtown. It’s an outdoor place, overlooking the Marina and has a range of shops, entertainment and places to eat.

You’ll love exploring this mall. Home to all the stores you might expect, like Prada and H&M, as well as some new ones you may not have seen before, like Keten who sell Mexican clothes with a twist, you’ll be worn out when you’ve visited them all. Walk your weary feet to one of the great food options, maybe perennial favorites Domino’s or Starbuck’s, and have a breather. When you’re feeling revived, why not take a ride on the zip-wire over the mall, or if you’re visiting on a Sunday, take a stroll around the Farmers Market, where you’ll find all kinds of interesting and unusual items to tempt you.

Mercado Coral Negro

If you don’t have time to head over to downtown Cancun, you can find most kinds of Mexican souvenirs in Mercado Coral Negro in the Hotel Zone. You’ll likely end up paying higher prices, but this is the best option if you don’t want to stray too far from your resort. It’s super convenient, located right in Punta Cancun, the Hotel Zone’s main entertainment area.

Come here to look for pretty jewelry, painted pottery, and traditional Mexican-style clothing. Vendors are keen to interact with tourists, showing passers-by their wares, and they’re happy for you to haggle, which is all part of the experience.

Plaza Las Americas

This is the largest shopping mall in Cancun. Because it’s the main place to shop downtown, you’ll see lots of locals here and there will be plenty of stores to discover that you don’t see back in the US.

Visiting Plaza Las Americas can be an all-day experience. There are plenty of familiar names, like Sears and Old Navy, but there’s also a sizeable Liverpool store here, which is Mexico’s largest chain of department stores. There’s a huge food court, with national and international eateries, as well as a casino and a cineplex, showing some films in English. It’s a great way to explore a little outside the Hotel Zone, and it’s only a few minutes away if you hop in a cab.

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