Desire Holding Group to revive Sergio Soldano Brand


NEW YORK (May 30, 2024) – Desire Holding SA, through its Italian subsidiary Desire Fragrances Srl, announces the acquisition of Sergio Soldano, signaling the international perfume and beauty conglomerate’s intention to revive the legendary, long dormant Italian fashion and accessories brand. The acquisition marks a major development for Desire Holding Group, a leading player in the beauty industry, with subsidiaries in the USA, Netherlands and Italy, as the firm expands its scope with a new Luxury Division.

The new Luxury Division will lead the charge to build brand awareness, increase market share and continue the company’s sustained record of year over year growth. The beauty and fashion conglomerate consolidated its 2023 revenue for 30 million euros and based off current sales data, projects 40 million euros in revenue in 2024. This follows 40 percent sales growth accrued from 2022 to 2023.

The firm’s global market distribution already spans continents and cultures, with 20 percent Italian, 30 percent European, 15 percent Middle Eastern and 10 percent Asian distribution. The company intends to further grow its U.S. distribution, currently at 25 percent – a market Sergio Soldano dominated throughout the midcentury with widespread adoption of the label amongst Hollywood’s elite.

As the new Sergio Soldano brand owners, possessing full production and licensing rights, Desire Holding SA affirms the group’s growth trajectory and intention to reestablish Sergio Soldano as a household name ranked amongst the world’s great designer fashion and beauty labels.

History of the Sergio Soldano Brand

Sergio Soldano officially debuted to the world in 1968, drawing on his ancient and noble Tuscan lineage to inspire his love of fashion. He created quintessentially Italian fashion garments for high society figures around the world, including Liz Taylor, Ursula Andress, Gina Lollobrigida, Raquel Welch, Grace Jones, Joan Collins, Barbara Bouchet, Monica Vitti, Virna Lisi, Laura Antonelli, Sydney Rome, Serena Grandi, Mara Venier and many other stars, socialites and icons of the era.

Sergio Soldano revealed his haute couture collection in Rome and ready-to-wear collection in Florence and was among the first brands to present collections at “Milano Collezioni”. Brand exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Montreal and Munich soon followed and Sergio Soldano gained a global following for his geometric styling, vivid color palettes and iconic collections including “Swan Woman” and “One Thousand and One Nights”. Sergio Soldano was also a leading voice in establishing the popular mid-century folk-art look.

Sergio Soldano demonstrated an innate ability to celebrate and flatter the female figure. He became known as “the new man of fashion”, renowned for his unbridled creativity. Soldano’s designs have graced the covers and pages of countless fashion magazines – and he himself became a cultural force, appearing as himself in several films.

Many films featured Sergio Soldano’s creations, including the famous poncho worn by Liz Taylor in “Zoe & Company”, the iconic cloak worn by Laura Antonelli in “The Divine Nymph” the outfits worn by Virna Lisi in “Bluebeard” with Richard Burton and the clothes in “Scent of a Woman” starring Vittorio Gassman.

Desire Holding Group is set to reveal further development and market positioning plans within the coming weeks, including an official Creative Director selection.

About Desire Holding Group

Desire Holding has consolidated its presence in the international beauty scene, backed by years of previous experience in production and distribution of well-known brands within the U.S. market, including Ferrari, Jacques Bogart, and having signed exclusive licenses with Bill Blass, Katy Perry, Jesse McCartney, Carmen Electra and Rampage, among others. Today, Desire Holding Group also holds exclusive licenses for Liu-Jo, Head, Tonino Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Sergio Tacchini with other new signings soon to be announced as part of the Group’s Premium Division expansion. Italian subsidiary Desire Fragrances S.r.l. was officially established in 2020 and later acquired by Desire Holding.


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