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Luiza Khabibulina, Luxury Lifestyle Influencer in Dubai

Luiza Khabibulina is an entrepreneurial influencer in the fields of luxury lifestyle, fashion and travel in one of the trendiest destinations in the world, Dubai. She was born in Tatarstan but has been living in the UAE since 2009, where she actively works with big brands and promotes her personal blog StyleCov. StyleCov is dedicated to showcasing her best-loved brands, fashionable outfits, the latest beauty trends and her favorite places to travel and visit in Dubai.

With big plans to continue growing internationally, Luiza is now working on her first magazine, which she will be the face of. This magazine will feature the best brands, events and stories from the luxury industry in Dubai and will be an opportunity for her to go out into the international market like never before.

In an exclusive interview with EuropeanLife, Luiza tells us about her history as an entrepreneur and influencer, as well as her international expansion plans.

Can you tell us about yourself and how your brand StyleCov started?

Luiza: I launched the StyleCov blog back in 2015. At this time the concept of bloggers or influencers in the UAE was just at the initial stages of development. As I had a major interest in fashion from the early age of 16, the thought of having my own platform where I could share my thoughts and ideas as well as style inspirations seemed like a good idea. I took the launch of my brand very seriously, as I come from a marketing and branding background professionally. From the concept, to creative direction, to branding and website design as well, I decided that I would shoot only professional content, as I believe in quality over quantity, so I never posted images taken on the phone.

What topics are you passionate about? And, how did you become an entrepreneur?

Luiza: To begin with, I was mostly focusing on the fashion and beauty industries, as well as trends and street-style inspirations. Over time, I started becoming interested in lifestyle, as the UAE, and Dubai in particular, is such a great travel and lifestyle destination, with so many choices of hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities. I also became interested in the travel and tourism industry and in 2019 established my own travel agency in Georgia under the name of Essence of Georgia, as I was getting a lot of interest and requests for helping to organize trips to this country from my followers who saw my travels on my social media pages.

Why do you think Dubai is a top destination to visit?

Luiza: I have been living in Dubai since 2012 and personally think it’s a great destination to visit for a holiday, move for work opportunities or invest in. For example, we have been experiencing a steady growth in the real estate market over the years, especially in prime locations such as Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Marina. I think if you have an opportunity to invest in property you should definitely do so. Not only will you get a good return in time but there is also always demand for long-term and short-term property rentals. In addition, Dubai is a great holiday destination; firstly, it’s a very safe country, with a huge variety of hotels and resorts, as well as a great family destination, with lots of activities for the kids. The infrastructure is great for tourism and the whole city is designed based on convenience, with many attractions and activities for visitors.

Why do you think that having your own magazine with EuropeanLife is the best way to present yourself as an influencer and entrepreneur to the world?

Luiza: EuropeanLife Magazine is such a well-known, established and respectable international brand; it is a great honour and an amazing opportunity to be able to work with such a publication. It is also such a great opportunity to present myself as an influencer to a wide network of not only local but international audiences. I am extremely honoured that the brand selected me as their influencer of choice and presented me with such a great opportunity.

Do you have any tips for influencers and entrepreneurs after the recent pandemic?

Luiza: This whole situation with COVID had a severe effect on all industries worldwide and we all experienced and had to go through very hard times. I think the only advice that I can give is to stay positive, believe in yourself, believe in your brand and try to take valuable lessons from this situation. Everything happens for a reason and in the long term we will see that whatever has happened is for the best.

Luiza’s magazine, by EuropeanLife, will be published in February 2022 and will create opportunities for luxury brands in the fashion & design, travel & hospitality and business sectors to be featured in front of an international audience. If you want to know more about her magazine and how your brand can become involved, contact EuropeanLife.


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