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A Mesmerizing Installation Unveiled for Art Basel 2023 in Collaboration with Miami’s Design District

Miami’s Design District transforms into a captivating canvas for an extraordinary fusion of art and architecture during Art Basel 2023, as the Stardust Pavilion takes centre stage. Crafted by the innovative minds at Flare in collaboration with Artworks, this groundbreaking installation promises a unique, experiential journey for art enthusiasts, design aficionados, collectors, and architects alike. Proudly presented in partnership with the Miami Design District, Stardust Pavilion will showcase work by an internationally renowned artist, offering an intimate encounter with their usually inaccessible creations.

About Stardust Pavilion:

Stardust Pavilion is a visionary creation that redefines the art experience. Drawing inspiration from the architectural follies of the 17th-19th century, this ephemeral glass and steel structure pushes the boundaries of design, aesthetics, and environmental integration. Visitors are transported into a realm where geometry, light, and reflection converge, creating an intimate, sensorial experience with art and surroundings. Once inside Stardust, visitors immerse themselves in a mesmerising dance of light and reflection, surrounded by clusters of stars resembling cosmic dust. Transparent and reflective surfaces give the illusion of shimmering particles suspended in space, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Standing 10 feet tall, with four openings offering picturesque views of the natural world, Stardust Pavilion harmonises with its environment, creating a captivating garden lantern at night.

Furniture Design:

In addition to Stardust Pavilion, Flare collaborates with Iduna to present a collection of exquisite furniture pieces aligning with this year’s curatorial theme, “Where We Stand.” The Amaranta Bench Ana & Chiara Lounge Chairs, designed with fluid curves and organic forms, complement the installation, fostering a sense of belonging, connection, and community.

Don’t Miss Stardust Pavilion:

Stardust Pavilion, Amaranta, and Ana & Chiara will be open to the public starting November 18, 2023. The installation and furniture series are crafted in Europe in partnership with Artworks, with additional funding by Iduna and OTIIMA and support from Mineral System.


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