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Mazzi Fine Art: A unique private gallery where contemporary art meets ancient knowledge

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Mazzi Fine Art: A unique private gallery where contemporary art meets ancient knowledge.

In the mysterious land of the Rising Sun, an Italian artist revolutionises modern art by combining new technologies with ancient knowledge. Francesco Mazzi made his life’s purpose a mission turning objects into protagonists telling stories of distant times. Together with his wife and partner Maki Saegusa he created an astounding art gallery, workshop space, office and home: Mazzi Fine Art.

Francesco Mazzi, Sun ‘s Skin, Sculpture on canvas 45x 53.5 x 4.5cm, Japan

Within a year, Francesco and Maki registered an international patent for their 3D Push Up Frame, sold over 100 pieces of art and completely independently created an inspiring and unconventional art gallery located in Osaka Bay. With the help of master carpenter Ishikawa San, their original vision was turned into reality. The gallery is modeled on the structure of a Japanese villa including an internal garden, making it the perfect space for the creation of pieces representing “places of memory”.

Mazzi Fine Art recreates memories by constructing powerful and unconventional oil paintings embellished with gold, platinum, diamonds, antique woods and other selected precious and organic materials. Mankind has a history of using gold to get closer to the concept of eternal and divine, just like diamonds representing the eyes of a goddess.

Francesco Mazzi, The Colors of Beauty, Oil painting on canvas 61×45.5 thickness 6.3cm, Japan

However, Francesco and Maki’s concept of luxury is not based on the free self-celebration of the use of these precious items, but focuses on achieving aesthetic dimensions that otherwise would be impossible with normal materials. Although the style of his artwork is new, all paintings show the aesthetic qualities of ancient times, as if the memories of a distant past imprinted in our DNA are being awakened and brought to life.

“We want to communicate “simplicity”, which is the real luxury of our time, not in a rhetorical sense but as a convinced affirmation.” – (F. Mazzi)

Francesco Mazzi, The Waterfall of Light, Oil painting on canvas of 41x67cm thickness 6.3cm, 23/24K gold, Japan.

Since 2021 Mazzi Fine Art has started producing frames, made from the best Japanese wood combined with the most exquisite Italian craftship. Their own internationally patented utility model “3D Frame Push Up” displays their contemporary paintings outside of the frame, as though they are performing on a stage. No longer stuck in a frame, the work seems to overflow and stand out. This unique way of presenting contemporary paintings is defined as “Total art”, allowing the canvases to be enjoyed as a whole.

“It is important to surround yourself with powerful objects, because art helps improve the quality of our lives”. This philosophy – in delicate balance with the best rare materials – creates the artistic universe of Mazzi Fine Art.

Francesco Mazzi, The Fruits of the Sun, Oil painting on canvas of 72x40cm thickness 6.3cm, gold/silver/plaster, Japan.

Francesco is always looking for the best to satisfy a very selective market and improve their lives through vivid and original paintings. The current collection consists of “Fantasy” and “Myths & Legends”. Within these 2 lines anyone can find a unique piece of art that matches their taste.

The Mazzi Fine Art gallery opened in June 2021, presenting the latest collection. There are several upcoming exciting projects, including the artist’s next collection which is currently being created.

For more information please visit Mazzi Fine Art Gallery online at:

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