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Digital Arts for an Immersive Experience in Barcelona

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Digital arts meet one of the greatest Master of Art Nouveau, Gustav Klimt the innovative Austrian painter to life in the world around you. Is time to embark on a visit to a real museum of the future where the latest technologies: virtual imagines, virtual reality, a spectacular hall of golden mirror. larger than life. The Kiss Anamorphose transform each visit into a unique experience. The reality of the world around the viewer will merge with the universe composed by the artist. A must see.

Gustav KLIMT is one of the most recognized artists of all time. An exceptional painter who created some of the most recognized and valued works in the history of art. Its unmistakable aesthetic is essential to understand the move of painting towards modernity and has made it a benchmark in fashion and aesthetics to this day. He is mostly known for his masterpiece “The Kiss”, were two figures melt into each other in a hungry embrace. A shimmering gold tapestry whose pattern references both intimacy and anatomy. The side covering the man is decorated with erect rectangles, while the woman’s is swathed with concentric circles.

Klimt, the leader of the Vienna Secession movement, was a master of symbolism. He embedded allusions to sexuality and the human psyche in the rich, lavishly decorated figures and patterns that populated his canvases, murals, and mosaics. Often, their messages—of pleasure, sexual liberation, and human suffering—were only thinly veiled. His more risqué pieces, depicting voluptuous nudes and piles of entwined bodies, scandalized the Viennese establishment.

Even so, the city’s elite adored his work and frequently commissioned him to paint their portraits. His artist peers were similarly enthralled with his style, recognizing Klimt’s groundbreaking injection of sexuality, atmosphere, and expression into figurative painting. When Auguste Rodin visited Klimt’s famed Beethoven Frieze, part of the Viennese Secession’s 14th exhibition, he lauded the piece as “so tragic and so divine.” A younger generation of European Expressionists, including Egon Schiele, lionized Klimt and latched onto him as their hero.

Today, the format with immersive projections has more than 1000 square meters of screen to be experienced with virtual reality glasses. The exhibition spaces and interactive tools make up an ambitious and spectacular cultural offer for all audiences that allows the viewer to experience being inside the paintings and buildings that KLIMT decorated.

This month, the play has reached the city of Barcelona with overwhelming success. So much so that in just two weeks it sold out until May and its organizers have opened new sessions with more tickets for sale.

The experience is a 360-degree digital show that illuminates and transforms the physical space into a totally immersive exhibition at the IDEAL Center d’Arts Digitals de Barcelona in Poblenou. There, visitors will be able to watch Klimt’s work take over the walls and encompass all around through the lenses of several dozen projectors, hyper-realistic VR headsets, or a mix of both.

Using technology to recreate animated displays of these masterpieces, it’s easy to dive right into the paintings themselves, watching them dance around the room in iconic Klimt style. This is a unique show that marks a turning point in the future of art as we know it.

For more information visit: https://www.expo-klimt.be/

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